Why Blog?

WELCOME – This blog is a collection of my personal thoughts on coaching.

Why Blog?

It’s a simple reason, I am living in Brazil without my family and I have time (outside my work) to share experiences with other coaches. I am also in a moment of great self discovery and learning of a new culture and language.

I had an offer to write a book  – on my philosophy for youth development – but, i am not willing to commit to this project now, as my ideas continue to expand (Practices are different – if designed well, they stand the test of time).  Football is changing and I do not want to make the mistake of writing “statements” on a game that is constantly evolving – whilst I am also evolving as a person.

So a blog is perfect. It’s a chance to share, receive feedback and continually challenge my thoughts on this beautiful game. It’s a chance to develop myself.

For me – development is a lifestyle and not a hobby. It’s what I love about sport, the joy of seeing a young talent grow and achieving their dreams/goals in life.

This is a great journey and coaches have a huge responsibility to teach the game well and be excellent “guides” for young players.

All football is development – whether youth or senior first team. It’s all about improving and getting better each day. Firstly as individuals and then as a team.

The learning and improving never stops…….

My Aim

My intention is to inspire thought and debate in how we develop football players and teams.

My aim is for the blog to be a light read that allows you (the reader) to challenge yourself to improve. There is little time or respect for science or the awarding of a degree to understand the content. The intention is to remain simple and to the language of football that we all understand.

I make no excuses for being thought provoking and opinionated. I want to shake up imagination in coaches and coach development.

I hope you enjoy

Michael Beale

Twitter – @MichaelBeale