Grassroots Team Coaching

As mentioned in my twitter post on Sunday morning : 

Im offering to take a training session with 5 different junior grassroots teams.

This isolation period is difficult for us as adults – but even more so for children. They wont understand why they cannot play sports, spend time with their friends, go to see family or to school. They will also struggle to understand what their parents are going through in terms of difficulties or worries around employment and income to the family home etc.

The moment this isolation period is over – or as soon as it’s safe to do so, we need to get back to inspiring our children. Football is a great way to do that in our local communities and the “purest” form of football is the children’s grassroots game.

So I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting the clubs / teams and young players across Glasgow.

I am encouraging other professional coaches and players to do the same in their own local communities.

This initiative, is the first of many that I’m launching in the coming months. The aims are to inspire young children and share more free resources with the adults/coaches/teachers that are working closely with them.

How to enter. 

Please use the comment section below or send me a private DM via twitter with the following information

  1. Team name
  2. Age of team
  3. Area the team is based
  4. Name of contact

The closing date for entry is 5pm on Tuesday 28th April

I will then be making a draw on Friday 1st May at 3pm to determine the teams selected.

After this, I will announce the winners here (with the video of the draw) and make contact with the teams/coaches to arrange a provisional date for the session.


  • The team can be a boys, girls or mixed group.
  • Up to 20 players can take part in the session.
  • Aged from u6 through to u18.
  • Limited to the Glasgow area (within 30 minute drive of the city centre for logistical reasons)

Thank you for taking the time to read or share.


sir bob




  1. Team name – Sons Of Struth Football Academy
    Age group – 2008
    Area – Govan
    Contact – Johnny Cartin


  2. Team Name – Sons of Struth Football Academy
    Age Group – 2010’s
    Area – Govan
    Contact – Christian Carvel

    Tremendous gesture, well done


  3. What a great opportunity and something a lucky group of boys wony forget!

    AFC Glasgow 08s
    Based at Glasgow Green

    Thomas Anderson


  4. Hi Michael – sorry, this is a slightly roundabout way of getting in touch… I’m a sports writer with The Times, just working on a piece about Rhian Brewster and wondering whether I might be able to grab you for a quick chat about his development? Cheers, John


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