11v11 Tactical Games

11v11 Tactical Development Games – by Michael Beale

The book will be released on Monday 13th April 2020 in E-book format.

You can purchase the book from  payhip.com/b/twaM 

See below for a preview of the book including the front and back covers, game index, example of the tactical insights and example games.

UPDATE – 13th April 2021 – 1yr since release of the book

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support & feedback. Coaches in 52 countries have purchased the book so far which is amazing. I am currently writing a new book that should be ready for August 2021”

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“This book is for coaches working with players in the professional development phase and is a collection of my favourite tactical games for developing team and player understanding.

My aim for this project, is to give coaches a wide range of solutions in the process of team building and collective tactical organisation”

List of countries the book has been purchased in

A – Australia, Algeria

B – Brazil, Belgium, Bermuda

C – Croatia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic

D – Denmark

E – England, Estonia, Egypt

F – France, Finland

G – Germany, Greece

H – Holland, Hungary, Hong Kong

I – India, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Israel

J – Japan, Jersey

L – Latvia, Lithuania

M – Malaysia, Mexico

N – Norway, Northern Ireland, New Zealand

O – Oman

P – Portugal, Poland

R – Russia

S – Scotland, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland

T – Thailand


V – Vietnam

W – Wales

Z – Zambia

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