Mirror image of your touchline behaviour

For: Foundation & Youth Development Coaches. 

Have you ever stopped to consider the following?

What does a mirror image of your touchline behaviour look like?? 

Are you:

  • Frustrated? 
  • Angry?
  • Out of breath?
  • Calm?
  • Positive?
  • Encouraging?

How do you want to it to look? 

What is acceptable for a player to look over and see during the game?

These are things to really consider as a developing coach. 

If you have children yourself, what do you want them to see when they are playing and look over at their coach?

What role do you want the coach to play in the experience your child has playing the game? 

The messages we send as coaches via our body language can have a huge positive or negative effect to the young children who are playing the game. 

A thumbs up, a clap, a smile or a simple “well done” is something that all players need from time to time. 

Playing in a team or session that is led by a coach who inspires with their personality and communication will always give a child the best opportunity to develop and enhance their love of the game. 

Keep your frustration hidden and if your ever angry, then maybe it’s time to take a break from coaching ………….

Self awareness is a key aspect of your development. It’s important to continually analyse yourself and making sure that you are being the best coach/developer you can be. 


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  1. Just came across your blog and reading from the begin, fantastic pieces so far, plenty of notes taken! The few bits that I have read have been extremely helpful, especially as I’ll be starting a new role with my local team soon. Cheers!


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