Books for inspiration 

So many books to read – but – so little time in my schedule to read them. 

Above is my current collection that is gathering dust in my home office in São Paulo 

Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Andres Iniesta, Ray Lewis and a book on Carlo Ancelottis Christmas Tree formation in Spanish (trying to combine language learning and football development) are all waiting to give me inspiration and ideas to use in my work. 

I have some travelling to do in the coming weeks and will no doubt play a game of mental rock, paper, scissors in my head to determine which one to read next. 

However, the aim of this post is to share with you some of my favourite football books. So here goes ………….

1 – Stillness and Speed (Dennis Bergkamp)

2 – Team Building (Rinus Michels)

3 – Think therefore i play (Andre Pirlo)

4 – The Manager (Mike Carson) 

5 – Quiet Leadership (Carlo Ancellotti) 

6 – Pep Confidential (Marti Perarnau)

A Tip
Always read with a highlight pen close by  – to strike through the bits that catch your attention. 

Happy reading!! 


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